1. Preparation

  • Go to GitHub and create a new repository

we are using Sourctree by Atlassian in this guide.
  • Open Source Tree

press FileClone

enter your git repository path

select a target directory

and press Clone.

dont forget to Push the changes you have made

2. Creating the Structure

Open your cloned folder with VS Code and create the folder structure and files for Antora.

Antora Folder Strucuture and Files
see Antora Structure Docs for more

3. Creating the Content

3.1. Attributes

to register your modules add the following content to

modules/ROOT/pages/_attributes.adoc in your repository folder and add


modules/ROOT/_attributes.adoc in your repository folder and add

see Antora Modules Docs for more

3.2. Standard Page

Antora uses the AsciiDoc files you have stored in your Repository to build the docs. Therefore it would be advisable to have a look at the AsciiDoc Writers Guide and AsciiDoc Cheatsheet .

  • Create a new .adoc file in your pages module

  • Add the title of the page on the first line

  • On the second and following lines add your metadata and attributes

  • Seperate the from the body block by at least one blank line

  • Write your content

The name you use when saving the file will be used to compute the pageĀ“s URL.


  1. The file must be saved in the pages directory of a module.

  2. The file must be saved with the extension .adoc.

  3. The file must be marked up with valid AsciiDoc.

  4. The file must have a page title.

Getting Started Page from the OpenEMS Docs :

OpenEMS Getting Started
see Antora Page Docs for more

4. Navigation File

The Navigation File (modules/ROOT/nav.adoc) is responsible to set your Navigation Component on your Homepage.

Example from OpenEMS:



Navigation Component


You can create Single or Multi lists .

see Antora Navigation Docs for more

5. antora.yml

Our Playbook Project will call antora.yml for the necessary information to fetch the .adoc files and build the html page.


The file hast to:

  1. be located at the root of the documentation component.

  2. be named antora.yml

  3. be written in YAML

  4. contain the required keys and values.

Fill your antora.yml with the required keys and values !

This is the antora.yml of the Repository we are on: