Playbook Project

1. Create your Playbook Project

see Antora Playbook Schema Docs for more

1.1. Install Antora

  1. Create a new folder and switch to it in VS Code

  2. Type in VS Code - Terminal (strg + รถ)

    • npm i -g @antora/cli

    • npm i -g @antora/site-generator-default

  3. Create your Playbook file:

    • new file: site.yml

1.2. fill your site.yml

Basic Information

  1. site

    • title ⇒ sets the title of your docs page

    • url ⇒ sets base url of published site

    • start_page ⇒ sets the index page of your site

  2. content

    • url ⇒ url of the content Antora is fetching

    • branches ⇒ branch where your Antora structure is set

    • start_path ⇒ if your antora structure is set in a folder

  3. ui

    • url ⇒ URL of the UI Bundle Antora is fetching

    • snapshot ⇒ indicates wheter the URL points to a Snapshot

you can use local content to fetch too! see Antora Content Sources Docs for more

This is the site.yml we are using to build the docs we are currently visiting:

BOCS site.yml

1.3. UI-Bundle

Anotra needs a UI Bundle to build your html page.

I already have created a simple UI-Bundle that you can use.

If you want to adjust your UI just download it, make your changes, save it as a zip file and push it to your Repository