Generate and Serve

We are still inside our Playbook Project/Folder with VS Code

1. Generate your site

to generate your site type

  • antora site.yml

and your docs should be generated in a few seconds.

You can find your generated site in the build/site folder.

important: If you are changing sources/ui and your Antora won’t build properly after, try: antora site.yml --pull. This will reset your cache.

2. Serve it

We are going to use GitHub Pages to serve our Docs Page.

  1. Go to your Repository on GitHub

  2. click on Settings

  3. scroll down to GitHub Pages

  4. choose your source (master) and save

  5. push your built html site folder (build/site/) to your created Repository

  6. push an empty .nojekyll file to your Repository (necessary for GitHub Pages)

Visit GitHub Pages for more

3. Finished

Congratulations! You are done!

you can see your created page on your GitHub Pages - Page (

In the case of this Documentation Site: